E-Entertainment: when the Internet becomes a fun tool!

Entertainment is a group of different activities that allow you to occupy your free time while having fun and distracting yourself from your worries. It can take a multitude of forms according to each person's preferences. Today, e-entertainment or digital entertainment is booming thanks to advances in technology and the democratization of the Internet.

A wide variety of e-entertainment offers

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, online entertainment offerings have quickly improved and diversified. Online gaming is at the top of the list.

There's something for everyone, from war games to strategy games. Similarly, social networks have become a hobby in their own right. Major platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram now have several billion subscribers who are active on a daily basis.The popularisation of the Internet has also been accompanied by the appearance of legal services offering music to the Internet user. As the number of users and music is constantly increasing, technological innovations to improve the quality of products and services continue to emerge.

Other forms of e-entertainment have emerged, such as online shopping. Internet users have the ability to buy anything, while the web provides the right deals.

Network connectivity and the explosion of online gaming

For several years now, the online gaming industry has been growing like crazy. Network connectivity is no stranger to this. Whether you're an enthusiast or a casual gamer, there's a vast choice of solo and group games to suit all tastes.

Network operators and Cloud giants are constantly seeking to design platforms and offers to provide users with an optimized gaming experience.Currently, the number of gamers on the Internet exceeds two billion. This number reflects the evolution of online gaming through an increasingly immersive and rewarding experience. Another trend is the attraction of e-Sport competitions. This has grown rapidly with the rise of multiplayer games that provide a variety of advanced features.

The days of single-player platforms are almost over.

Video consumption and behavior change

Today, the Internet offers the possibility to play and share videos in very large quantities. Around the world, no less than four billion videos are viewed every day. Most of them are consumed on YouTube and Dailymotion. In addition, the web makes it possible to stream videos without having to download the files.

Increasingly popular is streaming video playback.On the other hand, VOD or video on demand still represents only a tiny part of the market. Also known as web TV, this service consists of playing films, program replays, etc., without downloading the files. The diversity of offers has contributed to the diversification of content and a change in consumer behaviour. In addition to being entertained and relaxed, consumers are now looking to learn new things with videos.

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