Hollywood in gaming: How games and the cinematic experience are increasingly converging

Hollywood in gaming: How games and the cinematic experience are convergingNot so long ago, many games were rightly regarded as something for die-hard fans of the scene. While appropriate efforts were made to give the odd game a decent background and an interesting storyline, it still seemed rather static compared to other media. That has completely changed in recent years. Many games today are masterpieces of entertainment.

Not only are you accompanied by the voices you know from movies and TV, but you also have movie sequences that can't be compared to any Hollywood movie. This is also due to the fact that more and more actors are discovering this world for themselves.Latest technical developments turn games into masterpiecesThe sales in the gaming world are increasing, more and more big titles are announced and more and more new technologies are used. The growth can be noticed in a variety of places. Playing via mobile devices, for example, has become just as much a normality as the odd round in a virtually designed casino, such as the one you'll find at Betway Online Casino.

This also ensures that there is always more money to invest in the development of new titles. In the end, it is mainly the players who benefit from the fact that there are always new titles with great technology. Most importantly, it has led to many Hollywood actors being in the gaming world today as well.Part of the reason that actors feel so comfortable in this new world is because they are now more than just a face you see in a cutscene. They're seen as part of the story, lending their characteristics to entire characters and standing in for a bit of the game's branding.

Recent examples abound, from Michael Fassbender in the popular Assassins Creed series to Norman Reedus lending his face, movements and voice to the main character in Death Stranding. It's an exciting new foothold for actors and is creating a buzz among gaming fans.Will the gaming world overtake Hollywood in entertainment?The revenue from the gaming world speaks for itself. Up to $40 billion in revenue is projected by 2024, and that would only be another doubling after enjoying the same effect several times in the past years. The synergy between the actors, a great storyline, high-quality writing in the background and ever-improving technology are responsible for the boom.

On top of that, it manages to appeal to ever new audiences in ever new areas. Is this world therefore perhaps even more interesting for actors than Hollywood itself? Of course, gaming will not replace Hollywood in the foreseeable future. There are too many good films for that and too many fans of the works from the film factory. But gaming is becoming an increasingly important mainstay for actors and they seem to feel comfortable in the industry.

The fact that fans can also control their stars and get a more realistic gameplay is an advantage for both sides.

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