How do you really make money with your YouTube channel?

Spending all your days in front of the PewDiePie videos has made you want to try your luck. After all, if the young Swede manages to win $13 million usd through video sharing, why not you? Even eight-year-old Ryan Kaji has managed to earn $26 million USD by testing toys. That's too much! You too are going to make a fortune on the internet ! Unfortunately, everything didn't go as planned. Since its opening, your YouTube channel has been stalling and you can barely pay your bills.

At this rate, you'll soon have to close down your business... It's time to turn things around.

Your vlog is your career, treat it as suchYour

YouTube channel is no longer a hobby... From now on, it's your livelihood, your professional project and above all your career. If you were a salesman in a store, you would not skimp on the means to develop yourself.

Between training seminars and action plans, you would do everything possible to ensure that your career does the same. To earn money, open a micro-business and finally get a legal status. Not only will this allow you to be in perfect harmony with the State, but you will also be able to collaborate with major brands, and to catch the eye of these companies, take care of your blog. Define a precise editorial line and make the effort to publish regularly.

Combined, these two techniques will allow you to build a solid community, which is a prerequisite for making a living from your YouTube channel.

Open your channel to advertisers

Once you have enough subscribers, you can insert ads in each of your videos. It's an easy way to make money on YouTube without harassing your community. Choose carefully when the ads will appear on your audience's screens. Too early, people will leave and your channel's visibility will be diminished.

Too late, it is not sure that your subscribers will go that far...Each time one of your subscribers watches an ad, you earn a certain amount. If on top of that, he downloads the app mentioned in the ad, it's up to you! At the end of the month, you'll have a big windfall.

Doing product placementThis

is the most direct way to make money from your YouTube channel. By offering interesting content, you'll end up gaining some notoriety. Depending on your channel and advertising format, you can earn between €250 and several thousand euros.

Imagine if you can regularly convince advertisers to trust you to boost their sales...Just like sponsored articles on blogs, product placement is the Holy Grail of YouTubers. Be careful though because very few people access it...

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